B+K UK gives our customers peace of mind by offering a complete packaging solution. This ensures you will receive the highest quality item developed to your specification.

Here at B+K UK:

  • We are a BRC approved SEDEX registered plant.
  • We produce market proven open mouth block bottom and are the only UK producer of valve sacks.
  • We have designed our products specifically for the needs of our customers and their end users.

Our PeelFlex sack has been developed specifically for the needs of our consumers who handle food ingredients. By removing the need for sharp tools, PeelFlex sacks reduces the chance of contamination and speeds up emptying process.


Niall Keating
Sales & Marketing Manager B+K UK
TF1 7XX Telford Shropshire
Great Britain / Ireland

phone +44 1952 606 848
mobile +44 7734 991041

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