We are always looking for answering customer expectations. This is why we achieved ISO 9002 certification already in 1993, ISO 9001:2000 version in 2002 and ISO 9001:2008 in 2009.



In case of food packaging we use only components or additives that are allowed by the european regulation (EEC regulation 2002/72/EC). We used to produce this food packaging according to BPH (Good hygiene practices) - which is a record of practices tested in french J.O.



We always take into consideration recyclability when developping new plastic films. If made of 100% polyethylene materials, our films are totally recyclable.



Every production of bag is regularly controlled at each stade of manufacturing (film thickness + dart resistance at extrusion, resistance to inflating, inks adherence ...) and particularly for packaging used to fill dangerous goods, we work according to the specifications established by the "Bureau de Vérification Technique" (BVT). By printing the approved UN-phrase, it is ensured that our regularly produced packagings fit with the agreed construction type and therefore that resistance values listed in the certificate are fullfilled.



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