The Stratapac™ is an open, glued, double-layer PE cross bottom sack. Thanks to a patented closure technique, the outer sack can be removed without aids.

The hermetically sealed inner sack is not opened in this case. This system enables optimal product protection during further handling. The risk of contamination by particles of dirt is eliminated.


In accordance with this standard, the PE inner layer is manufactured under class 5 clean room conditions according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. In the case of special barrier requirements, it may also consist of PA or EVOH laminates.

Multicolour printing of the outer layer enables the packaging to achieve an additional advertising effect. The sack is converted in the size range from 400 x 600 + 120 to 600 x 950 + 200 mm depending on the product and bulk weight.

Application areas

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical products
  • Fine chemicals
  • Food additives


Further advantages offered by the Stratapac™ system include:

  • Secure transportation
  • Secure storage
  • Secure handling
  • Clean production


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