SOS Bags

SOS Bags

The SOS bag is an inexpensive option for packaging diverse bulk materials.

Whether in paper or film – it can be provided with high-quality printing and therefore offers optimal presence on the market.


The paper block bottom bag / SOS bag covers bag sizes with a capacity of 500 ml to 40 litres. As a PE block bottom bag / SOS bag, it covers bag sizes from 500 ml to 30 litres. Depending on the products' requirements and specific weights and the bag size, different combinations of paper and films are used in diverse material thicknesses.


Paper SOS bags can be printed with up to 10 colours using both the flexographic and the gravure printing methods. The optimal packaging for the relevant product is converted using various layers of paper.

With high-quality flexographic printing in up to 10 colours, the PE block bottom bags / SOS bags are produced as mono films or laminates.


Various bottom designs (cut bottom / bottom patch) offer the option of an additional presentation area for recumbent bags. A paper loop handle or punched PE carrying handles increase the customer's comfort.


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