CleanFlex® barrier bags

CleanFlex® barrier bags

The simple appearance is misleading, as the laminated aluminium bags with three sealing seams are high-barrier packaging products.

Thanks to their high water vapour and oxygen barrier, they offer their contents optimal protection against moisture and oxygen. They additionally offer absolute light protection and the option of vacuum-packing their contents.

At present, there are no alternatives to this high-performance package on the market. Transparent laminates, e.g. with polyamide or EVOH, can also be processed. If your product also demands special protection, talk to us about your requirements.



  • Aluminium laminates
  • Transparent compound (with PA or EVOH, etc.)

Features :

  • Light protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Aroma protection, aroma barrier
  • Sealable and evacuatable


Tablets, pharmaceutical active substances, pharmaceutical excipients, specimen slides, capsules, etc.


Gamma irradiation can be arranged by B+K.


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