CleanFlex® Bottle-shaped bags

CleanFlex® Bottle-shaped bags

We have been producing CleanFlex® bottle-shaped bags for a number of years, with constantly growing experience and increasing improvements. For example, special sealing radii and cut-and-finish seams have led to important development steps.

With their sealed, shaped shoulder, these bags are used wherever compatibility with a filling or pouring spout has to be guaranteed to achieve dust-free filling/emptying. One additional advantage is the optimal, complete emptying ensured by the diagonal seals around the neck. This is highly-regarded, particularly when handling powdered, highly-sensitive and expensive products.

The bottle-shaped bags therefore offer ideal adaptability, in isolator production for example, whilst simultaneously providing high capacity in a compact format.



  • 100 % LDPE
  • EP, USP and FDA approval
  • A DMF is stored with the FDA.


Pharmaceutical active substances such as penicillin, antibiotics and others.


Sterilisation processes can be arranged by B+K in accordance with customer requirements. For example, gamma irradiation.


Each packaging unit can be equipped with a special indicator sticker. The change in the indicator's colour confirms that sterilisation has taken place.


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