Detergents / Cleaning materials

Detergents / Cleaning materials

The packaging is the bearer of the brand's message and an essential factor in the purchasing decision. Together with our customers, we develop packaging solutions which combine functionality, economy and an optical appearance with high advertising effectiveness. Our customers can rely on top quality and bank on the flexibility, innovativeness and optimal service offered by B+K.

Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches manufactured from laminates are primarily used to package liquid detergents and cleaning materials. Re-sealable spouts or pouring devices are ideal for both refill packaging and for primary packaging. In-house production of the seal or product contact layer enables material combinations which meet the requirements of the packaged products.

Mono films and laminates on reels are processed for use with both liquid and powdered detergents and cleaning materials. On selection of the material, focus is placed on the requirements of the packing technology and the packaged product.

Large formats

Large-format block bottom and side gusseted bags are used for powdered products such as laundry or dishwasher detergent. Plastic films consisting of one or more layers are mainly used for this application. Block bottom bags with a fully-glued bottom patch prevent product dust from escaping.


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