Construction and Housing

Construction and Housing

Within the construction and housing segments, Bischof + Klein offers a broad spectrum of modern industrial packaging plus an entire range of individually co-ordinated surface protection films and technical laminates.

Technical films

Adhesive and adhesive-free surface protection film systems protect profiles, metals, furniture and plastic sheeting during production, transportation and installation. Technical laminates are used in the fields of roof construction and insulation. The technical options offered by B+K are virtually unique in Europe. B+K combines extrusion and adhesive lamination, and develops tailor-made solutions for individual requirements.

Industrial packaging

B+K offers ideal packaging solutions with its modern industrial packaging and a range of product series. SmartFlex® stretch hood films guarantee effective protection during transportation and storage. PowFlex® FFS films offer sift-proof packaging even for finely powdered products. This plastic packaging offers significant advantages in comparison with paper packaging, particularly for mixtures containing cement.

B+K also offers standard solutions for diverse bulk materials, such as inexpensive block bottom bags / SOS bags or cross bottom valve sacks with individual trimming.


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