Agriculture and Horticulture

Agriculture and Horticulture

Direct contact with our partners creates familiarity and confidence. This therefore enables us to analyse customer requirements quickly and precisely and to develop an individual packaging solution.

preferred packaging

Block bottom bags / SOS bags, open sacks and valve sacks are the preferred types of packaging in the agriculture and horticulture segment. A diverse selection of materials plus film which is co-ordinated to the packaging and printed image form the basis for a broad-based range of converted packaging.

FFS flat films with multicolour gravure or flexographic printing, FFS side gusseted tube with a film thickness of 0.080 mm and over plus packaging with barrier properties form part of our complete range of products.

SmartFlex® is the secure, economical, effective and intelligent stretch hood film for a wide range of packaging. The film's specially co-ordinated, high retention forces and resistance to weathering guarantee optimal load stability, maximum possible transportation safety and effective protection against external influences.


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