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I plant a tree

Bischof + Klein's sustainability management has set itself the objective of reducing CO2 emissions wherever possible – in production as well as in the vehicle fleet.

When purchasing a new company car, the company therefore offers an incentive (bonus) to choose a vehicle with low CO2 emissions. Whoever still decides in favour of a vehicle with higher emissions is simultaneously obliged to pay a contribution (malus) towards climate protection. The company's aim in doing this is to make the decision in favour of an environmentally-friendly vehicle more easy. The effect can already be seen: in comparison with 2010, CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet, consisting of around 95 cars, have been reduced from 145.7 grammes per kilometre to 139.5 grammes per kilometre.

Bischof + Klein donates the cash from the malus contributions to the "I plant a tree" organisation. This initiative is dedicated to the ecologically sensible forestation of selected areas and has now planted a total of 6726 trees for B+K. This has enabled an estimated 312,4 tonnes of CO2 to be bound.

The idea behind this campaign: forests are an extremely valuable ecosystem, a habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna and a gigantic CO2 trap. During photosynthesis, trees convert problematic CO2 into oxygen. In this manner, one hectare of forest binds at least 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. – The more forest, the less carbon dioxide there is to pollute the atmosphere.


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