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    • B+K LidFlex® Lidding Films

      B+K offers laminates specifically for your product and its requirements. The lidding films have outstanding sealing properties and enable simple punching or cutting out.

    • B+K U-Pack® Side gusseted bag

      The side gusseted bag B+K U-Pack® was specifically developed for dry goods and is characterised in particular by its form stability.

    • B+K AluFlex®

      In particular, B+K offers sealed versions in the form of B+K AluFlex® seal as an individual sack solution.

    • B+K AluFlex® FFS

      The B+K AluFlex® product range is very suitable for moisture-sensitive, oxygen-sensitive or odor-intensive products. By use of a laminate of aluminium or metallized polyester, the oxygen and steam barrier are optimally adapted to the individual requirements of the respective product.

    • B+K BackFlex® PP Backsheets

      The future of solar energy requires backsheets which allow for safety and future uprating. B+K BackFlex® PP unites both in a co-extruded film - made in Germany.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Bag Systems

      Active pharmaceutical substances, in particular, are still filled into and stored in expensive aluminium cans, involving considerable logistical effort. Specifically, cleaning the cans after use, transportation and storage of the empty cans cause significant costs. Therefore B+K developed clean room produced PE bags and aluminium compound bags as liners to avoid contamination of the external containers.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Barrier Bags

      The simple appearance is misleading, as the laminated aluminium bags with three sealing seams are high-barrier packaging products.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Bottle-shaped bags

      We have been producing B+K CleanFlex® bottle-shaped bags for a number of years, with constantly growing experience and increasing improvements. For example, special sealing radii and cut-and-finish seams have led to important development steps.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Containment Systems

      High-Containement systems become more and more important. The encapsulation of complete processes offers improved protection for operators and product safety, at the same time it taps the full potential of cost-saving in the classic clean room environment.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Continuous Liner Systems (CLS)

      Continuous Liner Systems (CLS) or endless liner are a simple and effective solution for operator safety and product protection. 

      This tubular film is gathered over several meters in an axial direction to facilitate the application process at the customer's site.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Films & Laminates

      Our complete clean room environment includes extrusion, printing and conversion. Laminators complete the machinery for B+K CleanFlex® products. That places us in the position to produce tailor-made packaging for the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical or IT branch.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Gloves

      Processes in semi conductor and in medical industries require extrem clean handlings.

    • B+K CleanFlex® HeaderBags

      Thanks to the strip made with DuPont™ Tyvek® with its microbiological barrier, the bulk product can be ETO-sterilised within the bag.

    • B+K CleanFlex® Tyvek®/HDPE Bags

      The combination of a PE bag with DuPont™ Tyvek® material enables the product to be sterilised using water vapour through the surface of the packaging material. As a rule, the front is manufactured from DuPont™ Tyvek® and the rear from HDPE; however, full DuPont™ Tyvek® packaging material is also possible, as is the integration of a window made with DuPont™ Tyvek®. Our so called "SteriBags" are therefore perfectly made for steam sterilization.

    • B+K FlexOn® Label Films

      Thanks to its extensive range of machinery, Bischof + Klein is able to offer a wide selection of films for the label industry.

    • B+K KoBarFlex®
      Under the name B+K KoBarFlex®, B+K produces a number of coex films which are equipped with a polyamide or EVOH barrier layer. Thanks to the extensive technical options which are available, the film can be individually printed, laminated and/or converted at B+K.
    • B+K LiquidFlex®

      The new development from Bischof + Klein – flexible packaging for liquids!

    • B+K PaperTouch®

      Would you like packaging with the look and feel of paper but the advantages of polyethylene packaging? Thanks to its special material combination, our PaperTouch® packaging enables both.

    • B+K PowFlex® ffs Powder Packaging

      B+K PowFlex® ffs powder packaging is a highly-ventilatable and sift-proof FFS film which can also be used to package finely powdered products reliably and simply. This plastic packaging offers significant advantages in comparison with paper packaging, particularly for mixtures containing cement.

      PowFlex® ffs eo is an innovative additional version of the familiar PowFlex® Premium design.

      Information about B+K PowFlex® vs Powder Packaging

    • B+K PowFlex® vs powder packaging

      The B+K PowFlex® vs (valve sack) is a genuine alternative to paper valve sacks with an intermediate layer of film in the construction material industry and a sensible addition to the B+K PowFlex® FFS product range. Naturally, the sacks can also be used for other powdered products, e.g. in the chemicals or foodstuffs industries.


      Information about B+K PowFlex® ffs powder packaging

    • B+K ProTeclen®
      Plastics are not conductive materials and can become electrostatically charged. Electrostatic discharge may therefore occur when emptying plastic packaging.
    • B+K SepaFlex® Twin-ply packaging

      As FFS film or a converted flat or side gusseted sack, SepaFlex® is the hygienic packaging solution for sensitive products.

      This two-ply separable PE packaging meets high requirements and is easy to handle.

    • B+K SmartFlex® Stretch Hood Films

      The B+K SmartFlex® Stretch Hood Film product range offers safety and protection for containers of all types and sizes and guarantees safety during transportation, transfer and storage. B+K SmartFlex® is the secure, economical, effective and intelligent stretch hood film for a wide range of packaging.

    • B+K Stratapac™

      The B+K Stratapac™ is an open, glued, double-layer PE cross bottom sack. Thanks to a patented closure technique, the outer sack can be removed without aids.

    • B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for plastic sheets

      B+K TacFlex® surface protection films offer optimum product protection during the storage, transportation and processing of all plastic sheets with sensitive surfaces. They offer protection against dust and dirt, the effects of weather and scratching. As they can be removed without leaving residues behind, our films ensure that your product appears factory-new up to its final use - clean and free of scratches. Complaints, scrap and product replacement is minimised - our films therefore contribute actively to increased sustainability in your product cycle.

    • B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for window profiles

      From extrusion to final installation, window profiles undergo a variety of production steps. During transport, sawing, drilling and welding, profiles are reliably protected against mechanical damage using B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for window profiles. The right choice of adhesion properties guarantees both optimum hold on the surface and residue-free removal once the finished windows have been installed.

    • B+K TacFlex® surface protection for plastic films

      Plastic films made of PET, PMMA or polycarbonate for special optical and electronic applications require high-cleanliness surface protection films that can be removed entirely without residues. B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for plastic films offer a bespoke solution and meet the highest of quality standards.

    • B+K Twister Plus® Wicketed Bag

      The B+K Twister Plus® is the patented, new design of hygiene packaging for tissue products with significantly reduced material consumption.

    • Carrier Pack
      The carrier pack offers optimal carrying capability with high filled bulk material weights. This valve sack is stable and offers optimal presentation on the market thanks to its high-quality printing capability.
    • FFS Films | Standard

      FFS films are a tried-and-tested alternative to converted sack packaging. Forming, filling and sealing are carried out on one automatic packaging machine.

    • Hazardous Material Packaging

      Do you require packaging which is approved for transporting hazardous materials? B+K is home to the "hazardous materials test department", an independent institution recognised by the Federal Institute of Material Research and Testing in Berlin and the Netherlands' T&C Packaging International.

    • Laminates | Furniture
      Laminating materials from B+K replace conventional materials and render products, with completely new characteristics, possible for new fields of application.
    • Laminates | Insulation
      Laminates enable the combination of diverse materials' positive characteristics (aluminium, PE, PET, OPP, non-woven materials, etc.). Due to the diverse possible combinations, laminates are available for almost every requirement profile.
    • Laminates | Roof Construction
      Laminating materials from B+K replace conventional materials and render products, with completely new characteristics, possible for new fields of application.
    • Liner

      Bischof + Klein produces individually adapted liners for protecting diverse secondary packaging. On one hand, this means that the protective packaging is protected from soiling by the product by means of an internal liner, in order to avoid the necessity of subsequent cleaning. On the other hand, the liner offers the entire packaging system further functions, e.g. outstanding barrier properties for liquid or solid products.

    • Mail Order Bags

      Whether for shipping catalogue goods and catalogues, samples or coupons – the range of applications for polyethylene mail order bags is as diverse as the options available for designing the mail order bags themselves:

    • Open Mouth Sacks

      Open mouth sacks can be manufactured from both paper, plastic or laminates. They are simple to fill and easy to seal by means of sealing, stitching, gluing or tying. High-quality multicolour prints generate effects with high advertising effectiveness.

    • Powerwrap

      Powerwrap – this bale packaging is proof of the fact that pressed fibres can be packaged in PE films.

    • Protection films | Furniture Surfaces
      Without protection films, modern, durable furniture surfaces would be impossible to produce in many cases. HPL, CPL and laminated furniture films create these high-quality surfaces.
    • Protection films | Glass & Mirrors
      There are few products which are as susceptible to transportation damage as glass and mirrors. B+K has therefore developed a wide range of different protection system products to protect these surfaces during transportation and installation or, in certain cases, permanently
    • Protection films | Metals
      Innovative product solutions from B+K protect aluminium, stainless steel or painted/coated metal surface structures during the production process and transportation. Our product portfolio contains conventional adhesive products, but also adhesive-free solutions.
    • Protection films | Optical Applications
      Graphic and electronic applications, in particular, demand high-purity and absolutely residue-free films. B+K has developed pre-defined processes to produce both high-quality adhesive-free and adhesive films.
    • Scanpack

      As a classic for filling on the long side of the bag and with a handle on the opposite side, Scanpack also offers all of the features of modern packaging.

    • Side gusseted valve sacks

      This sack variant is an side gusseted sack which is sealed at the top and bottom. A valve for filling the sack is sealed into the longitudinal seam on the rear.

    • SOS Bags
      The SOS bag is an inexpensive option for packaging diverse bulk materials.
    • Stand up pouches

      The stand up pouch is a light and space-saving form of packaging with a wide range of uses, plus specially co-ordinated equipment features. In comparison with hard packaging, it is characterised by cost and environmental protection advantages.

    • Tube laminate

      The tube is the practical packaging solution for a variety of products. It is commonly used for toothpaste or creams, but it is also suitable for foodstuffs and medicines. Tube laminate from Bischof + Klein is designed individually for each product and all requirements.

    • Walpack
      The Walpack is a sealed PE cross bottom valve sack with a punched-out and reinforced handle hole.
  • Industries
    • Agriculture and Horticulture

      Direct contact with our partners creates familiarity and confidence. This therefore enables us to analyse customer requirements quickly and precisely and to develop an individual packaging solution.

    • Chemicals and Petrochemicals

      B+K processes film, woven material and combinations of these using state-of-the-art technology to form high-performance industrial packaging which offers the required features such as UV stability, anti-slip properties, anti-static properties, barriers and suitability for hot filling. Our individually developed packaging solutions meet the highest standards of filling technology and safety during transportation and storage.

    • Construction and Housing

      Within the construction and housing segments, Bischof + Klein offers a broad spectrum of modern industrial packaging plus an entire range of individually co-ordinated surface protection films and technical laminates.

    • Detergents / Cleaning Materials

      The packaging is the bearer of the brand's message and an essential factor in the purchasing decision. Together with our customers, we develop packaging solutions which combine functionality, economy and an optical appearance with high advertising effectiveness. Our customers can rely on top quality and bank on the flexibility, innovativeness and optimal service offered by B+K.

    • Foodstuffs | Consumer Sector

      In close co-operation with our customers, we develop foodstuff packaging solutions which are perfectly tailored to the relevant products.

      We produce flexible consumer packaging for foodstuffs according to the legal regulations. Our material combinations plus raw materials and recipes are approved by authorised bodies. Our acceptance of responsibility is demonstrated in production according to DIN EN ISO 9001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and our annual hygiene monitoring.

    • Foodstuffs | Industrial Sector

      We offer tailor-made packaging solutions for foodstuffs, e.g. spices, spice mixtures, sugar and artificial sweeteners, salts and flour plus starch products, aromas, baking agents and baking ingredients, powdered milk, frozen foods, etc.

      We produce flexible packaging for foodstuffs according to the legal regulations. Our material combinations and the requisite raw materials and recipes are approved by authorised bodies. Our acceptance of responsibility is demonstrated in production according to DIN EN ISO 9001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and our annual hygiene monitoring.

    • High Purity Products

      Sectors such as the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries are characterised by innovations and continuous adaptation to current market requirements. New product developments constantly demand individual packaging solutions which securely and reliably protect the sensitive products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vaccines or medical devices.

      However, other industrial sectors such as the electrical engineering, micromechanical and optical industries are also increasingly demanding higher-quality and higher-performance packaging, which has to perform extremely specific functions.

    • Hygiene

      One of the reasons why our work is successful is the speed with which we are able to react to changing market and customer requirements. Requirements pertaining to the PE, mono and coex films which are used are constantly increasing (downgauging with the same or improved film strengths), particularly in the hygiene sector

    • Mail order / e-commerce

      Whether for shipping catalogue goods, samples, coupons or textiles – the range of usages for polyethylene shipping packaging is as diverse as the options available for designing the packaging itself.

    • Metal
    • Pet Food

      Flexible packaging, manufactured from diverse paper or plastic combinations, guarantees the products' freshness and shelf life and offers the possibility of optimal presentation on the market. It is primarily used for cat and dog food, cat litter, rodent and bird food plus fish food.

    • Photovoltaics

      The photovoltaics industry is characterised by innovations and the continuous improvement of all components required for a modern photovoltaic system. With our B+K BackFlex® PP backsheet, we meet this challenge and are ready to accompany our partners into the future of solar energy.

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