B+K BackFlex® PP Backsheets

B+K BackFlex® PP Backsheets

The future of solar energy requires backsheets which allow for safety and future uprating. B+K BackFlex® PP unites both in a co-extruded film - made in Germany.

New era of solar energy

By using Bischof + Klein backsheets, our clients are heading directly towards a new era of solar energy. Our backsheets are long-term companions for your PV installations and contribute to the longevity and reliability of PV modules. B+K BackFlex® PP backsheets are already prepared for higher electrical voltages which may become the standard in the future (up to 1,500 V).

The following aspects, in particular, demonstrate the positive properties of B+K BackFlex® PP backsheets:

Reliable in all sorts of climatic conditions

Whether in moderate, alpine or tropical regions and even in the desert - our backsheets are resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions. The stabilised polypropylene films are extremely weatherproof, and therefore provide outstanding protection against negative external influences such as UV radiation, high temperatures or humidity. Unlike competing products, B+K BackFlex® PP Backsheets offer excellent resistance to hydrolysis. They therefore ensure both longevity and reliability.

Safety for humans and systems

PV installations, in particular, can reach high voltages which can pose a high risk to humans and systems. Our films therefore offer outstanding electrical insulation - they allow system voltages of up to 1,500 V and have a significantly higher dielectric strength than comparable products on the market. As a consequence, the risk of electric shocks is minimised, and trouble-free operation can be guaranteed.

Worthwhile investment for high efficiency

B+K BackFlex® PP Backsheet are the basis of a cost-optimised vision of the future. Our innovative co-extrusion method enables efficient production which ensures that time and material resources are used sparingly.

Environmental commitment for our future

Sustainability has always been an important aspect at Bischof + Klein, and that is why our backsheets are solvent-free as well as energy efficient in manufacturing. The longevity of our backsheets reduces waste and therefore provides a change for the better for our environment.


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