B+K PowFlex® ffs Powder Packaging

B+K PowFlex® ffs Powder Packaging

B+K PowFlex® ffs powder packaging is a highly-ventilatable and sift-proof FFS film which can also be used to package finely powdered products reliably and simply. This plastic packaging offers significant advantages in comparison with paper packaging, particularly for mixtures containing cement.

PowFlex® ffs eo is an innovative additional version of the familiar PowFlex® Premium design.

Information about B+K PowFlex® vs Powder Packaging

The B+K PowFlex® ffs is made of 100 percent PE. It is therefore single-origin and completely recyclable.

Thanks to high moisture protection, the product is securely packaged under all weather conditions – even without protective packaging. This significantly increases the product's life. The film enables safe and clean transportation due to its high dart impact resistance. B+K PowFlex® ffs is also optimal for other hygroscopically sensitive products such as chemicals or foodstuffs in powder form. As material on reels, PowFlex® ffs powder packaging is a proven alternative to converted sack packaging (10 – 50 kg). Form, fill and seal – with one automatic packaging machine. The right solution for any powder!



The B+K PowFlex® made of 100 per cent PE can be produced with up to 50 per cent recyclate. This makes this packaging solution for industrial products an important contribution to a better circular economy.


PowFlex® ffs eo

PowFlex® ffs eo is an innovative additional version of the familiar PowFlex® Premium design. Each sack section is equipped with tear-open perforations for opening the sack and forming a pouring opening. An optional adhesive strip can be applied on the sack to close it after removing part of the product.


Easy opening and resealable closure function

Cost Advantages

B+K PowFlex® ffs offers cost advantages in comparison with the paper valve sacks which are used as standard. The unfilled packaging offers savings of up to 40 percent in terms of transportation costs and as much as 80 percent as regards warehousing costs, because a pallet is able to carry up to five times the quantity of B+K PowFlex® ffs packaging units in comparison with a normal packing scheme for empty paper sacks! The sack filling capacity of the machine technology which is used can also be significantly increased, and PowFlex can stand up to any comparison in terms of individual sack costs.

Product Safety

Design advantages

High printing quality, diverse film colours, glossy or matt films, various surface structures, different laminate structures – B+K PowFlex® ffs offers entirely new presentation and marketing options. B+K is also happy to be of assistance in individually adapting the ventilation options, and has access to a multitude of tried-and-tested manufacturing variations. Formats and materials are defined according to your individual requirements. Make use of our know-how!

Applications / Industries

  • Construction and Housing
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Foodstuffs - Industrial


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