Material on Reel

B+K produces film materials in rolls for forming, filling and sealing systems, such as laminates, mono or coex films.


Our laminates are individually developed to meet the customer's relevant requirements. Depending on the product, the packaging machines, the desired material characteristics and properties, multi-layered laminates are manufactured using different material combinations. The adhesive and extrusion lamination methods are available for this purpose. In adhesive lamination, the customer can choose between an adhesive system containing solvents and a system which is solvent-free. Both systems can be combined in the case of multiple laminates.

Polyester, metallised polyester, aluminium, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. are used as the substrate or barrier materials for laminates. The material combination required for the relevant needs is developed specifically for and in co-operation with the customer.

Mono / Coex Films

Our polyethylene mono/coex films are individually developed to meet the customer's relevant requirements. By manufacturing our own PE, we are able to meet the very highest of standards. Films are manufactured on multi-ply extruders using PE recipes developed specifically for customers. In this way, very thin films of 20 my and very thick films of up to 300 my are created.

Sustainable packaging

Wherever possible, B+K offers its packaging solutions in a fully recyclable variant and/or with the use of recycled material. Sustainable Packaging


Both the laminates and the mono/coex films can be printed with up to 10 colours using the flexographic or gravure printing methods. ...more


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