B+K U-Pack® Side gusseted bag

B+K U-Pack® Side gusseted bag

The side gusseted bag B+K U-Pack® was specifically developed for dry goods and is characterised in particular by its form stability.

  • Side gusseted bag B+K U-Pack® with gusseted bottom
  • Side gusseted bag B+K U-Pack® with bottom strips


Excellent dimensional stability, good complete emptying and high-quality printability, including the bottom area, are the plus points of this Bischof + Klein packaging innovation, which has been specifically developed for dry products. Added to this is the B+K U-Pack®'s outstanding presentation capability. Thanks to its side gussets and stable base, high-quality printing is possible on five sides.

The freshness and shelf-life of the relevant products are guaranteed by the specific selection of barrier film combinations.


Depending on the requirement profile, various additional features, which underline the aspect of convenience and are finding increasing demand, are available for the B+K U-Pack®:

  • Carrying handle
  • Punched hole for hanging up
  • Side gusset corner sealing
  • Rounded corners
  • Easy opening
  • Resealable closure (zipper or slider)

sizes and filling

Sizes range from 1 litre to 50 litres via individually set-up sizing tools.

The B+K U-Pack® can be filled both through the bottom and the top on the conventional systems available from well-known manufacturers.


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