Open Mouth Sacks

Open Mouth Sacks

Open mouth sacks can be manufactured from both paper, plastic or laminates. They are simple to fill and easy to seal by means of sealing, stitching, gluing or tying. High-quality multicolour prints generate effects with high advertising effectiveness.

Flat sacks

The flat sack is the simplest converted packaging solution. Manufactured from a flat sheet or tube, it offers an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

SIDE Gusseted sacks

Thanks to the integrated side gusset, the side gusseted sack forms a block shape on filling. This firstly enables it to be stacked outstandingly. Secondly, it results in an optimal pallet profile. Printed side gussets additionally support this profile in the form of advertising effectiveness. 

cross bottom sacks

Thanks to its cross bottom, this sack offers outstanding stability and stacking capability after filling. By printing the bottom and sides of the sack, it can also be used to achieve effective advertising.


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