Bischof + Klein produces individually adapted liners for protecting diverse secondary packaging. On one hand, this means that the protective packaging is protected from soiling by the product by means of an internal liner, in order to avoid the necessity of subsequent cleaning. On the other hand, the liner offers the entire packaging system further functions, e.g. outstanding barrier properties for liquid or solid products.

Liners for liquid Materials

These liners are used for packaging both chemicals such as polyols or paints and also foodstuffs such as juices, egg or milk products. As standard, the liners are produced from PE films in single-or multi-layered designs, but also from various laminates consisting of EVOH, polyamide or aluminium. Additional barrier properties are created as a result of this.

Special products for hot filling or aseptic processes can be made available in addition to individually shaped seams to improve utilisation of the space inside the packaging.

In this case, the protective packaging usually consists of:

  • Plastic containers
  • Metal containers (stainless steel containers)
  • Collapsible containers
  • Flexible IBCs (Big Bags)

Liners for solid Materials

Materials in granule or powder form such as colour pigments or plastic granules, but also baby food, powdered milk or nuts are often stored and transported in the following packaging systems:

  • Flexible IBCs (Big Bags)
  • Octabins
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Drums
  • Barrels

Bischof + Klein also manufactures sized PE or laminate material inliners for these systems. For special applications, the production range also encompasses individually designed packaging solutions:

  • Liners with cardboard collars as securing aids
  • Anti-static or conductive liners
  • Form-stable liners
  • Liners for hot filling up to 130°C


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