B+K PowFlex® vs powder packaging

B+K PowFlex® vs powder packaging

The B+K PowFlex® vs (valve sack) is a genuine alternative to paper valve sacks with an intermediate layer of film in the construction material industry and a sensible addition to the B+K PowFlex® FFS product range. Naturally, the sacks can also be used for other powdered products, e.g. in the chemicals or foodstuffs industries.


Information about B+K PowFlex® ffs powder packaging

Feel free to contact us directly. We will help you to configure a suitable packaging solution for your product. Of course, we will also gladly provide you with application technology advice and support in switching from paper to PE.

The B+K PowFlex® vs is made of 100 percent PE. It is therefore single-origin and completely recyclable.


Thanks to our new ventilation system, the single-origin PE valve sack is able to ventilate just like a paper sack during and after filling. After the filling process, the ventilation system closes automatically. Since our B+K PowFlex® vs sack can be filled on existing lines, investing in new FFS filling lines is not necessary. 



 Overview of product protection

Paper valve sacks, with or without an intermediate layer of film as moisture protection, only protect your powdered products against moisture to a limited extent. Conversely, our B+K PowFlex® vs plastic valve sack offers ventilation and permanent protection against wet and moisture.  

  • Storage tests (storage outdoors) confirm its longer shelf life.
  • This film sack offers the foodstuffs industry extensive hygiene advantages.
  • After the filling process, our sacks can be optimally and cleanly palletised using robots or by hand, and retain their shape. With appropriate printing, the palletised sacks are also ideal for advertising purposes.

Fundamental advantages of B+K PowFlex® vs

  •     Individual format and sack design
  •     Indirect ventilation
  •     Optimum protection of your products "whatever the weather"
  •     Unproblematic and efficient palletisation
  •     Low transport and storage volume
  •     Attractive product presentation
  •     Clean transport
  •     Longer product shelf life
  •     Simple and segregated packaging disposal
  •     Flexible equipment according to your requirements (carrying handle, peel-off patch, etc.)

Additional equipment

  •     Various valve forms (thermal valve, external tuck-in valve, internal sleeve valve)
  •     Carrying handle on the bottom
  •     Pouring holes and aids (peel-off patch)
  •     Printing with up to 10 colours (high printing quality / individual printing design)
  •     Individual film dyeing
  •     Sacks wound on a reel
  •     UV protection for 12 months
  •     Anti-static equipment
  •     Optimised non-slip properties (GUR)
  •     LFGB / FDA certification

Applications / Industries

  • Construction and housing
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Foodstuffs - Industrial
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Pet Food


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