B+K CleanFlex® Gloves

B+K CleanFlex® Gloves

Processes in semi conductor and in medical industries require extrem clean handlings.

B+K CleanFlex® Gloves are produced in a cleanroom class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and maintains such uses.

Bischof + Klein reacts on demands of particle-less and sterile gloves.

Further to this the raw materials comply to the specific requirements to the industries with regards to regulatory compliance and chemical components.

Breathable alternatives with Tyvek® for higher user friendliness are also available.




  • 100 % LDPE
  • Tyvek® of DuPont™
  • Aluminium compounds
  • transparent or coloured compounds (e.g. with PA, PET or EVOH)


  • By default sizes of S, M and L are available.

Approval of EP, USP and FDA.


* Tyvek® is a registered brand mark of DuPont™.


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