B+K CleanFlex® Continuous Liner Systems (CLS)

B+K CleanFlex® Continuous Liner Systems (CLS)

Continuous Liner Systems (CLS) or endless liner are a simple and effective solution for operator safety and product protection. 

This tubular film is gathered over several meters in an axial direction to facilitate the application process at the customer's site.

Continuous Liner are compatible

As every Continuous Liner System is custom-built, it meets the requirements of every filling or packing line as well as various isolators. It provides perfect protection for high sensitive or bulk products such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or toxic and highly reactive products.

Sterile Continuous Liner Systems

Produced completely under ISO 5 at rest conditions (DIN EN ISO 14644-1) the system ensures cleanliness and containment. The process flow remains closed for save and clean operations along all your processes. CLS can be provided non-irradiated or pre-irradiated by B+K for the usage in sterile applications. B+K has a proper irradiation validation in place.


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