Clean Room Packaging B+K CleanFlex®

Our B+K CleanFlex® Clean-Room Packaging offers individual, safe packaging solutions for highly-sensitive contents. CleanFlex® provides the safety concept for your products.

B+K CleanFlex®

With our class 5 clean room production facilities in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 at rest, we offer low-germ and low-particle production of our packaging material, guaranteeing "safety via extremely pure quality".

This specifically includes:

  • Single-wound and tubular films
  • Open-mouth and side gusseted mitred sealed bags
  • Bottle-shaped bags
  • Multiple-ply bags (Two- or three-ply-bags)
  • Laminated aluminium bags with three sealing seams
  • DuPont™ Tyvek® / HDPE bags with three side seals, autoclavable
  • HeaderBags with a strip made with DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Packaging with DMF

Safety and quality

Tailored to customers' wishes, raw materials which are safe according to the FDA and LFGB can be used and specified for the material. All production and quality processes are oriented towards GMP. The advantages to you are clear.

  • Low germ and low particle packaging
  • The finished products retain the purity in which you have invested.
  • Protection against external influences following production.
  • No contamination of your own clean room facilities.

Use of CleanFlex® therefore ensures a high level of product safety and quality by adhering to the clean room chain from the start of production until the product reaches your customer.

Clean Room Production

Film Clean Room Production

Extrusion, printing and conversion machines are available in the completely encapsulated clean room to produce and develop these packaging materials. Our specially trained and motivated production teams are supported by our internal laboratory and testing facilities. The exclusive use of safe raw materials according to FDA and LMBG is equally a matter of course as GMP-friendly quality assurance at all levels.

On customer request B+K CleanFlex® packaging could be additionally treated by a sterilisation process. The particle-low and sterilised packaging is therefore ready-to-use for high-purity processes.


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