B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for plastic sheets

B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for plastic sheets

B+K TacFlex® surface protection films offer optimum product protection during the storage, transportation and processing of all plastic sheets with sensitive surfaces. They offer protection against dust and dirt, the effects of weather and scratching. As they can be removed without leaving residues behind, our films ensure that your product appears factory-new up to its final use - clean and free of scratches. Complaints, scrap and product replacement is minimised - our films therefore contribute actively to increased sustainability in your product cycle.

Plastic sheets made of PMMA, PC, PET, PET-G, PS, ABS, SAN and coextrudates such as ABS/PMMA or ABS/PC, for instance, require optimum product protection - no matter whether they have smooth or roughened, matt or glossy, coated or printed surfaces. B+K TacFlex® surface protection films for plastic sheeting guarantee this protection during processing, before and after thermal forming and up to and including final use. The films' adhesion level is adjusted to the specific application using proven recipes and production processes, and ensures that the films can be removed easily as soon as protection is no longer required.

Surface protection films for thermally formable plastic sheets

For thermally formable plastic sheets, B+K offers high-quality adhesive-coated or adhesive-free surface protection films that guarantee a correspondingly high level of adhesion before and during thermal forming. This guarantees optimum protection before and during the thermal process, combined with very simple removal of the film.

Adhesive-free surface protection films

B+K is one of the industry's pioneers in the trend towards adhesive-free surface protection films. The level of adhesion is adapted to the individual application using internally developed recipes and production process know-how.


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