Supply Security

07. May 2020

Bischof + Klein is helping to fight the spread of the coronavirus and is helping to ensure supply security with its products.

Special shifts have actually been necessary to meet the high demand for flexible packaging for hygiene products. In the coronavirus crisis, packaging has been officially classified as being of systemic importance.

In particular, Bischof + Klein's technical films are urgently required. Demand for protective film for plastic sheets and films used in the production of protective masks, protective goggles and partition walls has suddenly soared. "We were able to react immediately in this case thanks to speedy coordination between the sales, planning and operations departments. We would like to thank all of our colleagues whose commitment is making this possible," explained Dr. Tobias Lührig, CEO of Bischof + Klein.

In recent weeks, the Lengerich-based, family-owned company has also donated large quantities of respiratory protection masks, protective gowns and disinfectants. Bischof + Klein has loaned lockers to the provisional nursing care facility in Lengerich for the nursing staff. Head of training Klaus Rogge has just presented mayor Wilhelm Möhrke with 100 protective visors for protection against possible droplet infection. The town council intends to use them in areas where this protection is particularly required.



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