Over 30 trainees for the first time

14. August 2018

This year, Bischof + Klein has over 30 trainees for the first time. Michael Beidermühle, head of personnel management, welcomed 32 young people to the start of their training yesterday.

The 24 industrial and eight commercial trainees will spend their first week of training together in the training centre. The trainees also include a graduate from the Lower Saxony Technical School. She is taking the opportunity to become acquainted with various technical vocations in an industrial company as part of a six-month internship.

The new B+K employees' agenda for the first few days includes safety training courses, tips for stress-free learning, a fire extinguishing exercise and, of course, the question: "What does B+K actually do?". It will also include tours of the company, the provision of work clothing and an initial visit to the training workshop.

Bischof + Klein has been awarded the "Germany's best training companies" seal of approval for its training concept. A total of ten different training courses and dual degree programmes are available. This makes B+K one of the biggest training companies in the region.

The new trainees are constantly given the opportunity to exchange views and engage in dialogue with one another. "Our newcomers are already fairly familiar with B+K", says Birgit Prey of the personnel department, who also organises the training day for trainees and their parents. "It is important to us that they feel completely at home here from the word go."

This is also ensured by the seconded trainees and additional training specialists who are on hand to provide the newcomers with help and advice. "You will quickly discover that our trainers are specialists in their fields and are looking forward to passing on their expert knowledge to you," promised head of personnel Michael Beidermühle.



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