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15. November 2011

Bischof + Klein has now become the first company within the industry in Germany to publish a sustainability report on the basis of the internationally established standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Over 80 pages, the company describes how it harmonises economic, ecological and social aspects at its two German plants, which employ a total of 1,850 staff. The environmental statement, which has been published over the past 15 years on the basis of the European environmental standard EMAS, is also integrated into this report.

According to the management, "Bischof + Klein regards matters of economic growth in close connection with the protection of natural resources and the acceptance of social responsibility." What experts today refer to as sustainable management was already embraced by B+K 25 years ago as the basis of its corporate policy. At that time, the programme included the establishment of an environmental department and concrete environmental protection projects, in which the workforce and local residents were involved. The company continues to set itself demanding goals which are paving the way for the industry as a whole: the company's long-term intention is to achieve solvent-free operation.

In this report, B+K portrays its sustainability strategy, documents the work undertaken by the sustainability teams and backs up its performance in the three areas of sustainability - economy, ecology and social affairs - with an extensive array of figures. Under the overall responsibility of Bettina Stille, Group Communication department, and sustainability manager Angelika Lütke Lengerich, all of B+K's specialist departments have contributed towards this report. Angelika Lütke Lengerich: "This committed co-operation makes it clear that sustainability concerns all of us at B+K."

Bischof + Klein will post you a copy of the sustainability report on request.



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