Gloves for clean rooms

29. February 2012

At the Pharmapack in Paris, Bischof + Klein presented packaging and film solutions for high-purity products within the medicine and semiconductor industries.

The new "GlovFlex" gloves, in particular, aroused the interest of the stand's visitors from all over the world. These low-particle and low-germ gloves are manufactured in the class 5 clean room. They are suitable for use in work requiring extreme cleanliness within the semiconductor industry, but also in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They prevent germs or particles such as dust and skin cells from contaminating the sensitive, high-purity products. In comparison with conventional clean room gloves, the GlovFlex gloves also ensure better results in chemical analysis thanks to the material's varietal purity.

Particularly on the first day, the Lengerich staff were inundated with a stream of interested visitors.
Supported by French colleague Roger Pfister from B+K France, the CleanFlex® team consisting of Friederike Gebhardt and Benjamin Kepp also presented a variety of packaging solutions for the clean room. A total of around 260 exhibitors presented their products and services at the trade fair for pharmaceutical article packaging and handling.



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