Innovation “made in Lengerich” - B+K TacFlex® 900 series

06. October 2022

Adhesive-free and nevertheless with high adhesion, completely recyclable, resource-efficient and climate-friendly – the list of benefits offered by the new B+K TacFlex® 900 series surface protection films is long. 

“These sustainable films meet all of the requirements for demanding surface protection,” says delighted plastics processing engineer Stefanie Heermann, who is responsible for technical service in the specials segment at film and packaging manufacturer Bischof + Klein.

So far, adhesion values of this magnitude have only been possible with adhesive-coated films. A special recipe in the adhesion layer has now led to a breakthrough and is significantly extending the range of uses of adhesive-free films. This means that there is no longer any risk of adhesive residues on customers’ high-quality plastic sheeting.

In close cooperation with customers, Bischof + Klein has developed a protective film series whose outstanding properties offer a genuine competitive advantage: a more sustainable product with consistent quality. The films are deformable up to a maximum temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. They offer very good edge adhesion during mechanical processing and are also suitable for sensitive painted or unpainted surfaces as they are very low in specking.

The B+K TacFlex® 900 series has already been launched onto the market and is undergoing qualification at numerous other customers. Bischof + Klein is gradually increasing its production volumes for sales markets around the globe. Solution manager Andreas Hörnschemeyer: “Customers in Europe, South America, and Asia want to exploit the opportunity to gain a clear advantage with the B+K TacFlex® 900 series.”



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