"Sustainabilty in action"

30. August 2019

Bischof + Klein is one of the winners of the German Packaging Award 2019. The Lengerich-based packaging and film specialist won the award for the B+K Twister Plus® with 30 % PCR (post-consumer recyclate) in the category of sustainability.

Significantly less new plastic material is used to manufacture this newly designed wicketed bag. This is achieved by reducing the wall thickness and using regranulate.

Wicketed bags are typically used as collective packaging for toilet paper. Bischof + Klein alone sells over 300 million units of this each year. Material savings by reducing thickness and the use of regranulate are important measures for designing this standard packaging sustainably and safeguarding resources. In the award-winning B+K packaging, the PE recyclate is embedded in a co-extruded film in the inner layer. A recyclate content of 30 % is therefore achieved in the overall design without any restrictions on the functionality of the packaging. Minor deviations from the usual appearance are welcomed and can be used to communicate the sustainability aspects.

As this involves a pure PE structure, the packaging can be recycled in the existing sorting and recycling systems. Disregarding the printing ink, the product is almost 100 % recyclable. The jury commented: "A very good example of sustainability in action!"



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