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30. January 2018

During Bischof + Klein's anniversary year, a total of 48 employees also celebrated their personal anniversary at the company.

B+K subsequently invited them to a celebratory event at the Centralhof. On behalf of the entire executive board, board member Dr. Volker Pfennig congratulated the 23 employees who have been at the company for a quarter of a century as well as the 25 members of staff celebrating 40 years at Bischof + Klein. "You have all contributed to our 125-year success story."
Pfennig stated: "The history of our company is the history of the people who have supported this company and its work. It is essentially your history!" The executive board member thanked those employees celebrating these anniversaries for the commitment with which they dedicate their knowledge and their experience to the family-owned company. "You are the pillars that support our company. When you are okay, so is the company. Conversely, of course, when the company is OK, when it is doing well, the employees must also be good."

A tenable and long-term bond can only be established with the workforce if the employees' personal values correspond to the system of values that characterises the company. "This appears to be the case here." This involves values such as justice, recognition, success, health, family and environmental protection.

"We can all be proud of what has been achieved during our company's 125-year history", stated Dr. Pfennig. Today, Bischof + Klein offers almost 2,600 people in Lengerich and Konzell, in France, the United Kingdom and Poland, along with their families, a secure livelihood and future. Around 100 trainees in Germany alone are being prepared for their working lives; "They will be the ones celebrating their anniversaries in the future!"



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