Technical diversity

29. June 2017

In its anniversary year, Bischof + Klein is investing in a new extrusion coating line. With a total length of 40 metres, the new machine is one of the biggest lines that the family-owned company has ever set up during its 125-year history.

It represents the unique diversity of modern technologies with which flexible packaging and technical films are manufactured at the company's Lengerich headquarters.

The extrusion lamination and coating process is used for both industrial and consumer packaging as well as for technical films to firmly bond various layers with different functions to one another: for instance, Bischof + Klein uses this process to manufacture AluFlex® brand industrial packaging which is particularly suitable for protecting moisture-sensitive goods. What is important in this case is a highly effective moisture barrier and the particular strength of extrusion-coated laminates.

One example of consumer packaging that is produced on the extrusion coating line is a laminate for photographic paper that is absolutely impermeable to light. Amongst other products, B+K's Technical Films division uses the line for a non-woven material which is used in the renovation of drinking water pipes and waste water pipes.

In a single operation, the line is able to manufacture laminates with up to six layers and apply coatings of 6 g/m² to 300 g/m². Its major advantage is the complete omission of solvents. At the same time, the extruded layers are able to perform specific tasks such as sealability or a barrier function.



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