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28. October 2020

This summer, 24 young employees successfully completed their training at Bischof + Klein in Lengerich. Karsten Pax, Bischof + Klein's CFO (Chief Finance Officer), congratulated the former trainees on behalf of the entire executive board: 

"We are proud of you and are delighted that we have trained you." At the same time, he thanked the trainers for their commitment. He pointed out that "Learning never ends, even for the trainers," citing trainer Sebastian Rahe as an example. The qualified process and packaging processing engineer has just successfully completed his training as an industrial foreman in the field of plastic processing.

The executive board member also thanked the personnel department for its outstanding selection and organisation of the training. "My conclusion is that the training at Bischof + Klein is above-average." At present, B+K has 104 trainees at its plants in Lengerich and Konzell. Karsten Pax appealed to the young employees: "Be open to changes. Regard them as both a challenge and an opportunity. We need young people with new ideas. We need people with the courage to think in radically different terms. We need people who want to tackle things."

He stated that it is crucial for knowledge exchange to take place between young, freshly qualified employees and long-term employees with a wealth of know-how. Karsten Pax urged the young employees: "Plan your own development in the long term. Further qualification takes time." He added that they would then be prepared and could grasp opportunities at the right time with the right qualifications. Another important aspect is team spirit. "Everyone has his individual strengths. Often, tasks are so complex that they cannot be accomplished by one person alone."

Rounding off, he stated: "I hope you have discovered during your training that this company has something to offer you. Opportunities for structuring your lives. The entire executive board wishes you every success in doing so."



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