Success thanks to experience

26. January 2017

In the 125th year of its existence, Bischof + Klein is looking optimistically to the future. This is by no means least thanks to those employees who have been working for the family-owned company for 25 or 40 years.

Executive board member Manfred Albrecht thanked those employees celebrating these anniversaries at the Centralhof: "Only your competence and commitment enable us to offer our diverse product portfolio on a global basis", he stated. While the market trend is currently difficult to predict, the company is well aware that it can rely on the flexibility, commitment and wealth of experience offered by its employees.

During the past year, the company continued to grow and created additional jobs. The company management's faith in the location of Lengerich is being demonstrated in the form of investments for continuous modernisation and for extending capacities. The management board member stated that, in addition to competence and a sense of responsibility, collegiality and solidarity are vital to successfully acting in unison. "The majority of you have dedicated half of your lives or even longer to making B+K a functioning system. Here, colleagues are helped when they are having an occasional bad day, and long-term employees pass on their vast wealth of experience to younger colleagues to the benefit of the company."

The average employee in Germany is approximately 42 years old - this is also the case at Bischof + Klein. In terms of the average length of employment at the company, however, B+K's headquarters far exceeds the national average: instead of eleven years, the figure here is over 19 years. "This means that our employees have significantly more experience of the industry. In view of the constantly new challenges that our business throws up, this is an enormous plus for B+K!"



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