Sustainability as the driving force

24. November 2016

Bischof + Klein has published its sixth sustainability report.

Central topics include progress achieved in material and resource efficiency as well as forward-looking activities in terms of competitiveness, personnel development and knowledge management. The report, which is based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 standard additionally contains the EMAS environmental statement.

Executive board members Manfred Albrecht, Dr. Volker Pfennig and Gerd Sundermann have announced that Bischof + Klein will continue to invest offensively in the future (2016: 43 million euros). "Over the next five years, we again intend to grow faster than the market." The family-owned company is orienting its modernisation measures, resource and energy efficiency projects and capacity expansions towards the concept of sustainability: "Economy, ecology and social aspects form an integrated concept and are the driving force behind Bischof + Klein's successful, dynamic corporate growth."

In many respects, flexible plastic packaging is vastly superior to all other packaging solutions. "As a material, plastic is versatile, gentle on resources and also valuable as a secondary raw material." One example is the further development of B+K PowFlex® Premium. This film packaging on a reel (FFS film) is around 38 percent lighter than a three-ply paper sack. In comparison with a normal packing scheme for empty paper sacks, a pallet is able to carry five times the quantity of B+K PowFlex® Premium packaging units – 80 percent fewer pallets are therefore required for the same quantity of packaging units.

The sustainability report uses figures to demonstrate savings in heating oil consumption for production (two thirds less thanks to heat recovery at B+K Konzell) or in the use of solvents (reduction by 24 tonnes in the use of adhesives in Lengerich), for instance. Bischof + Klein takes a particularly committed approach to training. In 2015, the company had 120 trainees undergoing training in ten different industrial and commercial vocations. Added to these are six dual degree programmes in cooperation with universities. Trainees from Bischof + Klein are regularly amongst the best in their year. In 2015, they received a total of six awards for outstanding performances.



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