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24. March 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, Bischof + Klein's primary objectives are to protect its employees and ensure that production of its films and packaging is disrupted as little as possible. They are indispensable for supplying the population with foodstuffs and medicines, for instance, in crisis situations and are classified as being of systemic importance.

Our crisis team therefore developed an action plan early on and has implemented it in stages. The regulations that have been introduced are proving successful so far. To minimise the risk of infection and ensure continued production, we have classified the following measures as essential at B+K:

The potential risk of infection is being reduced by working from home. Employees working on site are doing so in separate offices. Staff in critical teams are working in shifts to minimise contact. Equipment is being disinfected several times per day. Meetings are being conducted solely by telephone or web conference. Essential meetings are being conducted strictly according to the recommendations issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). To separate employee groups and shifts from one another, we have staggered break times, arranged for the use of additional break rooms and implemented generally more flexible shift times. Close contact between employees is documented each day in a contact form. If external staff is required to work on site, they are obliged to complete a health questionnaire. No external visitors are permitted to enter our plants with the exception of lorry drivers and other persons whose work is indispensable for delivering our goods and ensuring our continued production. Business trips and customer visits have been reduced to the absolute minimum.

We are therefore making every effort to ensure that Bischof + Klein remains operational. As a manufacturer of films and flexible packaging, we are focussing on making sure that supplies get through even in this challenging situation. Bischof + Klein's production and deliveries are currently running smoothly. To ensure that this situation continues, we remain constantly in close contact with our partners to find solutions together.

The extensive protective measures implemented by the European states initially raised the question of what impact this would have on the packaging industry. The Italian authorities, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and other EU states have since confirmed that the packaging industry is an integral element of the supply chain. In general, production can therefore continue throughout the industry. We are also in close contact in this regard with our partners, which have confirmed that their production will continue.

We are constantly assessing the situation and will inform you of any changes as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, or require our assessment or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by telephone. Let us responsibly get to grips with the current situation together, and trust in Bischof + Klein as your reliable partner. Stay healthy!



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