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22. March 2017

Bischof + Klein has won the DFTA-Award 2017 in the category "Conversion for flexographic printing", and is therefore amongst the prize-winners for the third time in succession with its outstanding high definition flexographic printing.

The DFTA-Award is presented every two years by the German Flexographic Technical Association (DFTA). The jury's comment on Bischof + Klein's award-winning printing motif for Rupp Food Austria GmbH Purizon: "A motif which has so far almost certainly been reserved solely for gravure printing! Like many other things, flexographic printing is now on an equal footing in this regard. In any case, we consider this to be a remarkably good example of how flexographic printing is increasingly coming out on top."

The packaging and film specialist was nominated in each of the three categories which it had entered. Bischof + Klein was awarded second place in the "Flexible packaging narrow sheet <800 mm" and "Flexible packaging >800 mm" categories. "This year, the categories were extremely widely diversified and populated with outstanding competitors", said André Kölker, repro team leader.

The particular challenge involved in the motif for the dog food bag was the numerous highlight areas with white flowers and reduction of the background. The motifs were processed in the repro department at the company's headquarters in Lengerich. Printing plate production and printing took place at B+K Konzell. "The contrast and sharpness of the detail were particularly successful", stated Helmut Wenzl, head of the flexographic printing department in Konzell, with satisfaction. "Our repeated success shows that we are continuing to develop in the field of HD flexographic printing." The constellation of in-house repro and full HD plate technology plus the latest generation of printing presses at Bischof + Klein is ideal. When everything intermeshes smoothly, Bischof + Klein is "unbeatable".



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