Companies need planning security

22. February 2017

Companies need clarity and security to be able to plan. Uncertainties surrounding the costs of electricity in Germany are therefore placing investment in German production plants at risk.

This was the issue discussed by Dr. Volker Pfennig and Gerd Sundermann of the Bischof + Klein executive board with Anja Karliczek, Member of the German Parliament (MDB), during her recent visit to the packaging and film manufacturer's Lengerich headquarters.

"Bischof + Klein's production is and will continue to be focussed in Germany", stated the B+K executive board. However, electricity price developments in Germany have distorted competition to an alarming extent. Dr. Volker Pfennig backed this up on the basis of key figures demonstrating the significant differences between electricity costs at the B+K-GROUP's plants in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Poland and Saudi Arabia. In Poland, for instance, these costs are only approximately 60 percent of those in Germany. This results in cost disadvantages to the tune of millions of euros for the B+K plants. "This cost divergence between the EU countries is attributable to the increase in grid costs, taxes and cost apportionments in Germany; in recent years, these have increased threefold in total, and currently make up 80 percent of the overall electricity cost." The breaking point has long since been reached. "If this trend continues, Germany will be placed at risk as a viable location."

Anja Karliczek confirmed that the energy revolution in Germany is leading to a number of problems in terms of its implementation. "But we simply have to come to terms with them. Abandoning nuclear power is the right thing to do!" All of the meeting participants were in agreement with this opinion. The CDU politician added that she talks to many different actors, each with a specific perspective of the topic, and intends to campaign for increased reliability and fair distribution of the burdens.

The B+K executive board thanked Anja Karliczek for her openness and her interest in the industrial companies in the Tecklenburger Land region, and combined this with an invitation to gain an impression of the diversity of production of flexible plastic packaging and films at the open day on September 2nd on the occasion of the company's 125th anniversary.



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