Shared pride

22. January 2019

"You and your colleagues are behind B+K's good name and outstanding reputation." On behalf of the Bischof + Klein shareholders and his board colleagues, executive board member Karsten Pax thanked the 47 staff members who celebrated 25 or 40 years of employment at the company last year.

23 new employees joined the Lengerich-based packaging and film manufacturer in 1978. Karsten Pax recalled the so-called "year of the three Popes" with a few key words. Pope Paul VI was succeeded by John Paul I. Following his surprising death in October 1978, the Pole Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II, the first Non-Italian to take up the position. In Lengerich, Bischof + Klein's new production hall entered operation on Hullmanns Damm in the summer of 1978.

24 employees began working at B+K in 1993. Karsten Pax again recalled past memories: the splitting of Czechoslovakia into two independent states and the introduction of the new five-digit postal code system. The major customer event in Konzell was one of the highlights at Bischof + Klein. It was still entirely dedicated to the company's 100th anniversary in the previous year.

"As celebrants, you are wells of experience. Your know-how, your motivation and your experience are what help us to stand out from others. And we need to keep this experience within the company", stated Karsten Pax. Bischof + Klein is succeeding in achieving this thanks in part to its attractiveness as an employer and trainer. With such employees, B+K is always adaptable and remains successful. "We can be proud of this together!"



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