Clever Technology

21. November 2013

Bischof + Klein has jointly won the British Star Pack Award of Excellence 2013 as a partner in a project together with filler OTTO Cosmetic GmbH, British adhesive manufacturer BOSTIK Limited UK and plastic processor Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG.

"Evo-Stik" was awarded the coveted prize in the "Technical innovation" category. Familiar to DIY enthusiasts, this brand offers silicones and adhesives in a B+K stand up pouch as an alternative to the traditional system consisting of a cartridge and a cartridge gun.

The Star Pack Award is presented annually by the "Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining" (IoM³). Its presentation automatically goes hand-in-hand with a nomination for the international World Star Pack Award 2014. Evo-Stik stand up pouches are a milestone on the road to easy and safe silicone and adhesive processing. Tips no longer have to be cut off and bulky dispensing guns no longer have to be assembled. This also saves packaging material and reduces the occurrence of waste.

The adhesive or silicone is contained in a handy pouch with a special opening, through which the material can be pressed out and applied in the desired location simply by squeezing. The pouches are equipped with a resealable closure and can be emptied without residues. The jury's judgement: "Clever packaging technology helps the end user to dose and apply the product. So much simpler and cheaper than a dispensing gun. Well done!"



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