Turbo training

21. July 2011

The dual study programme is a turbo training course with a number of advantages. Bischof + Klein offers young people the opportunity to learn within the company and to complete an accompanying study programme.

On Tuesday around 15 pupils from the Collegium Johanneum grammar school in Ostbevern wanted to find out more and took up the packaging and film manufacturer's invitation to come to Lengerich.

During a tour of the company, they were given an insight into the production of flexible films and packaging. They also had the opportunity to talk to trainees engaged in study programmes. Eleven young employees are currently completing a dual study programme at B+K. In co-operation with the Münster administration and business academy, B+K has been training "business managers (VWA)" for over 20 years. New additions include the "Bachelor of Science for plastic technology" in collaboration with the university of applied sciences in Osnabrück and the "Bachelor of Engineering in engineering and business" in co-operation with the Emsland vocational academy.

The dual engineering and business study programme takes three years and culminates in the Bachelor of Engineering qualification. Industrial engineers bridge the gap between mechanical engineering and engineering sciences on one hand and economics on the other hand. During their three-year study programme, the business managers (VWA) simultaneously undergo industrial clerk training and can boast two qualifications on successful completion of their bachelor examination. This also applies to those undergoing the "Bachelor of Science in plastics technology in combination with practical experience" training course, who take their process engineer examination after the fifth semester. This is followed by three semesters involving a practical scientific project and the final bachelor examination.

Personnel department representative Philipp Brakel was delighted at the interest shown by the adolescents and their specific questions: "Direct interaction with the pupils is also enormously important to us. It enables us to find out which factors play a role when young people are looking for a training course. B+K wants to remain an attractive employee in the future."



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