B+K PowFlex® Premium

21. March 2016

Bischof + Klein will be presenting one of the latest further developments in its FFS film B+K PowFlex® at the POWTECH from April 19th to 21st 2016 in Nuremberg.

B+K PowFlex® Premium is a highly-ventilatable and sift-proof packaging solution for finely powdered products which offers additional advantages during printing and in the filling process.

For example, the new design leads to better and longer residual ventilation even during onwards transportation and stacking onto pallets. Dust emission and soiling have been further reduced thanks to new technical options for designing the ventilation channels. Measurements during production guarantee the desired air permeability value.

PowFlex® offers significant cost advantages in comparison with paper valve sacks. The unfilled packaging reduces transportation costs by up to 65 percent and storage costs by up to 80 percent. In comparison with a normal packing scheme for empty paper sacks, a pallet is able to carry five times the quantity of B+K PowFlex® packaging units. The sack filling capacity of the machine technology which is used is also significantly increased. Turning the sacks after filling is no longer necessary.

Since ventilation takes place via a separate infeed strip on the upper side, this is now suitable for high-quality printed images (pattern repeat or random printing). With its high printing quality, diverse film colours, glossy or matt films, various surface structures and different laminate structures, B+K PowFlex® Premium offers entirely new presentation and marketing options.

This plastic packaging offers considerable advantages in comparison with paper packaging, particularly for mixtures containing cement. The film packaging reliably protects the content from the elements – without protective packaging. This significantly increases the product's life. The film enables secure and clean transportation due to its high dart impact resistance. B+K PowFlex® Premium is also outstandingly suitable for other hygroscopically sensitive products such as chemicals or foodstuffs in powder form.



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