Focus on patients safety

20. September 2016

The key to successfully developing an optimal, high-purity packaging solution is holistic advice by the Sales, Production and Quality Assurance Departments.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, demand for high-purity packaging produced under clean room conditions and under consideration of all material conformities is increasing continuously. Focus is now being placed on the patient and his needs, which vary depending on age, origin and gender. Pharmaceutical products are therefore much more diversified today. This results in new requirements on the pharmaceutical and the drug delivery form, which also particularly affects the packaging. "Off-the-peg" packaging can no longer be used, since all aspects - whether these be dimensions, the materials which are used and their conformities, particle contamination or smaller batch sizes - have to be taken into consideration. Further requirements on the supplier, such as e.g. a change control policy which is lived out or an established internal and external auditing system, arise from the ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 certification which is required. Close co-operation between the pharmaceutical company and the packaging producer is vitally necessary to cover all of these points and develop the optimally adapted packaging.

In a unique combination, B+K clean room experts in the Sales, Production and Quality Assurance departments holistically support pharmaceutical customers by offering them the appropriate solutions for all aspects and requirements or developing these tailor-made. Added to this is a globally operating network of sales employees, who advise the customer's international sites and thus round off customer support. B+K's broad CleanFlex® packaging product portfolio rounds off this concept. B+K supplies the pharmaceutical customers' entire supply chain, from LDPE flat bags for active substances and SteriBags for sterilising auxiliary items such as rubber stoppers or tools up to and including complex containment systems which are used for closed-loop product or auxiliary item transfer.

Further Information: B+K CleanFlex® patients safety



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