Competent and persistent

20. January 2020

A high degree of company loyalty is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Bischof + Klein. This was emphasised by Bischof + Klein executive board member Manfred Albrecht at this year's jubilee ceremony.

"In view of the new challenges constantly emerging in our business, your experience is an enormous bonus for B+K." The COO (chief operating officer) congratulated the 23 employees, who have been employed at the company for 25 or 40 years, in the name of the entire executive board and the shareholders. One employee has actually been working at B+K for no less than 50 years. He thanked them all "for your commitment, for your loyalty and for your willingness to constantly tackle new challenges."

At the Centralhof, Manfred Albrecht looked back at their first few years with the company together with his guests. Ten of them started work at Bischof + Klein in 1994. Albrecht reminded them that this was the year in which the joint venture with Fiege, LSL (Logistik Service Lengerich), was established. Twelve of the celebrants have been employed at the company since 1979. The new plastic production department was still expanding at that time. Celebrant Peter Binder started work at B+K back in 1969 and has now retired. "Many of you have been committed for half of your lives or longer to ensuring that Bischof + Klein functions and grows. Only your competence and commitment enable us to offer our diverse product portfolio on a global basis."

Bischof + Klein benefits from this above-average company loyalty, particularly at B+K Lengerich: the average employee in Germany is approximately 44 years old and works at the same company for eleven years. At B+K, the employees are two years younger on average but have already been working at the company for almost 17 years. "While our age structure is similar, our employees have significantly more experience in the industry", stated Manfred Albrecht.

He praised the typical characteristics of the B+K family, which also distinguish the celebrants: "We are competent, persistent and tenacious in what we do, as well as being cooperative and tolerant."



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