Bischof + Klein donates to the Philippines

19. December 2013

Bischof + Klein has donated 6,000 euros for "Aktion Deutschland hilft" aid projects on the Philippines.

Employees at B+K Lengerich and B+K Konzell in Bavaria had collected around 3,000 euros. The family-owned company then doubled this sum to 6,000 euros.

"Aktion Deutschland hilft" is an alliance of German aid organisations which has also been working committedly in the disaster area on the Philippines since the catastrophic typhoon "Haiyan". Around seven weeks after the storm hit, focus is being placed on setting up emergency accommodation. According to government sources, around 3.6 million people have lost their homes. The distribution of food, drinking water and other vital aid supplies is another crucial task. In certain regions, the clean-up work is also being supported by "cash-for-work" measures, in which those affected are given cash for their efforts.

Other organisations are dealing with provisional schools by ensuring that these have a supply of water for sanitation purposes. Hygiene kits and household utensils are helping people in their daily lives, in which a great deal of improvisation is often required.



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