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19. December 2011

In December, Bischof + Klein inaugurated a modern logistical centre covering an area of 2,750 square metres at B+K Konzell.

The full-service supplier of flexible packaging and technical films, whose headquarters are located in Lengerich/Westphalia, therefore offers space for over 3,500 pallets, a fully-automated packaging line and six docking stations for simultaneous loading at the side at its Bavarian production plant. Particular attention is paid to a high standard of hygiene as required by foodstuff packaging, for example.

Each day, 500 to 700 pallets leave the plant, which is one of the most modern in Europe and employs a staff of 600. Every year, around 130,000 pallets or containers of highly converted packaging leave Konzell destined for our customers, which include international market leaders within the foodstuffs, pet food and hygiene industries. Around 10 million coffee packaging products alone are produced each day in Konzell.

The B+K-GROUP manufactures at six production plants in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland and Saudi Arabia, and has a worldwide network of sales offices. B+K's product range encompasses the entire range of flexible packaging and technical films - from traditional industrial packaging and consumer packaging to special films for technical applications.



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