Enormous potential

18. December 2018

For the first time, the new CEO Dr. Tobias Lührig greeted former Bischof + Klein employees at the traditional retirees' festivities in the Gempt-Halle. He also welcomed the attending shareholders and retiring executive board member Dr. Volker Pfennig.

"During my first few months at Bischof + Klein, the term family-owned company has been a recurring topic. Today, I can see that the ties between Bischof + Klein and its employees remain alive and well even during retirement. I find that very impressive!"

In 2018, B+K again invested specifically in its German and European plants. Amongst others, a modern 10-colour gravure printing press, a new lamination line and a new slitting machine were installed in Lengerich. A new flexographic printing press came on-line at B+K Konzell in Bavaria. The second part of a modern high-bay warehouse also started operation. At B+K France, investment in a new printing press and the infrastructure was undertaken. After revamping its production facilities over the past few years, B+K UK also renovated its administration and social areas. B+K Polska is continuing to grow and installed a new FFS extruder.

In 2017, full-to-bursting order books meant that B+K occasionally reached its capacity limits. By the end of 2018, the situation had eased again in many areas. Demand for packaging and films from Bischof + Klein remains high. This equally applies to the subsidiary companies, which are also performing positively. The shift in industrial packaging from paper to plastic is continuing. Bischof + Klein successfully supported further customers in switching to plastic sacks. The CleanFlex® product line continues to grow, with increasing demand for high-purity packaging. Interest in stand up pouches is also continuing to increase. The Lengerich-based film specialist intends to conquer the photovoltaic module market with B+K BackFlex® backsheets. These represent a new generation of backsheets that last considerably longer, offer better protection and contribute to increased efficiency in generating solar power.

The chief executive officer drew a positive conclusion at the end of his first year at Bischof + Klein: "B+K is a strong company with enormous potential that we intend to increasingly exploit over the coming years." The company will therefore continue to invest in modernisation and extending its capacities in 2019.



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