"Carry on!"

18. June 2012

"Carry on as you have been doing!" Environmental expert Dr. Jörg Schnittger is satisfied with Bischof + Klein.

Following a thorough monitoring audit at the Lengerich-based film and packaging manufacturer, he signed the environmental statement which has to be reviewed by an expert each year. Bischof + Klein will be publishing this as part of the B+K sustainability report which is scheduled to appear soon.

The expert was particularly impressed by Bischof + Klein's extensive investment activity. "Each investment in the latest system technology also improves environmental protection", stated Schnittger. "Modern technology equates to better efficiency in every regard", explained sustainability manager Angelika Lütke Lengerich, who is responsible for the fields of environmental protection and recycling. The new printing presses significantly reduce the volume of printing ink in circulation and only cause one quarter of the residual printing ink quantity in comparison with older systems. State-of-the-art blown film lines produce more film in relation to their electricity consumption – this offers increased energy efficiency. New machines can be converted to new orders faster, which saves time and reduces scrap when starting the machines up.



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