Bischof + Klein is contributing to the global vaccination campaigns

18. March 2021

The global vaccination campaigns in the fight against the coronavirus are backed by a gigantic supply chain. Bischof + Klein is also doing its bit so that people can get their all-important jab: B+K CleanFlex® clean room packaging and containment solutions from Lengerich are indispensable for manufacturing and transporting the vaccines.

Bischof + Klein took action early on. When the first lockdown was announced on 13.03.2020, B+K had long since been conducting intensive discussions with its customers about the supply chain for vaccines. At the time, the registration of any kind of vaccine was still a long way off. However, it was foreseeable that the supply chain would need to be provided with appropriate materials for a liquid vaccine.

From corresponding syringes with all of their components (glass bodies, needles, needle safety caps and rubber bungs) and their packaging in injection-moulded trays (encased in sterilisable bags) up to and including the raw materials (e.g. tubular glass): B+K supplies flexible packaging everywhere, primarily from the high-cleanliness production facility at B+K Lengerich. "We significantly increased our capacities in these critical segments in 2020", reports Mike Bessmann, clean room production manager for B+K CleanFlex®.

The two currently most widespread vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are based on mRNA technology. Both are attested to be highly-efficient. However, they are also particularly fragile. All external influences have to be minimised. The pandemic is therefore driving a production process switch to self-contained systems and is pushing demand for flexible components from the B+K CleanFlex® production facility. "Over the years, B+K has established an outstanding reputation in this special area. The market trusts us. We will now live up to our customers' trust! Calmly but with complete commitment to the cause", explains Benjamin Kepp, Head of Sales for B+K CleanFlex® clean room packaging.

"People may not immediately take note of our role in the supply chain, but we certainly have one", states Benjamin Kepp, underscoring the importance of Bischof + Klein. "We are very well aware that responsibility also comes with our market position. We are very confident about meeting it. We want to do our bit in what is a very challenging situation for all of us."



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