One tree with every click!

16. February 2022

One tree with every click! This was what we promised in our Christmas greeting to our business partners last December. They then clicked on the corresponding page on our website 866 times, almost twice as often as the previous time. 866 trees will now be planted by the "I Plant A Tree" organization on behalf of Bischof + Klein.

We stopped sending Christmas greetings by regular mail back in 2020. Instead, we sent our best wishes by email together with the appropriate link. At that time, we counted 481 visits to our web page and transformed them into newly planted trees. All planting is undertaken in the form of sustainable forestry management with near-natural mixed forests.

Last year, a further 908 new trees that were financed through our bonus/malus regulation for company cars were added. This regulation has been in place since 2011, since when Bischof + Klein has been a member of "I Plant A Tree."

Headquartered in Halle/Saale, the organization has planted a total of 469,083 trees since 2007 thanks to donations from companies and private individuals. Bischof + Klein has financed 12,036 trees. We are therefore in fourth place on the list of top companies (over the entire period).

Forests are valuable ecosystems and are home to a variety of animals and plants. Each tree binds CO2 and contributes to climate protection. The "I Plant A Tree" CO2 counter confirms that we have so far bound 639 metric tons of CO2 in this way.



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