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15. May 2013

Bischof + Klein attracted a great deal of attention at the POWTECH in Nuremberg with its special packaging for fine powdered products and granules.

"We know that we offer top packaging solutions in this segment, but we were still surprised at the overwhelming interest in our AluFlex® product series", reported product manager Rolf zum Dohme. The international trade fair for mechanical process technology and analysis proved highly worthwhile for the trade fair team from B+K. "The number and quality of contacts topped even those at the 2011 trade fair." 959 exhibitors attracted a total of almost 17,000 visitors from 83 countries to Nuremberg. One third of all attendees and exhibitors arrived from foreign climes.

Bischof + Klein has developed packaging solutions which offer the industry an attractive alternative to paper sacks. PowFlex®, for example: "This is highly-ventilatable and sift-proof packaging with significant advantages over the paper sacks commonly used so far", explained Rolf zum Dohme. In comparison with paper sacks, PowFlex® sacks offer strength and design advantages. They can also be stored outdoors without additional protective packaging because they are highly resistant to wind and weather. This similarly applies to AluFlex® series packaging, a laminate consisting of aluminium and specially processed plastics. This film acts as an oxygen and water vapour barrier, offers high dart impact resistance and is highly suitable for sensitive and expensive products. Zum Dohme: "We produce high-performance films which consume as few resources as possible. This is our contribution to sustainability."



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