Webinar on the B+K PowFlex® ffs

14. January 2022

Register for our webinar on the B+K PowFlex® ffs brand of highly ventable FFS films on 22.02.2022, 14.30 CET! Learn more about the benefits of switching from paper to PE bags for powdery products. 

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Bischof + Klein is regarded as a driver of innovations on the market and also sets the latest trends in sustainability topics such as PCR. Bischof + Klein is responding the industry's insistence on an alternative to paper sacks with the successful implementation of new technical features in plastic packaging.

In the live session, you can find out more about how B+K PowFlex® ffs highly-ventilatable and sift-proof FFS films function. They enable even finely powdered products to be packaged securely. The webinar will also be dealing with the further developed B+K PowFlex® vs (valve sack), a genuine alternative to paper valve sacks with an intermediate layer of film in the construction material industry, as well as with B+K PowFlex® ffs easy opening (eo) with convenience equipment. All variants are equally suitable for powdered products from other industries such as the chemicals or foodstuffs industries.

Made of 100 percent PE, the completely recyclable B+K PowFlex® can be manufactured using up to 50 percent PIR (post-industrial recyclate) or PCR (post-consumer recyclate). This packaging solution for industrial products therefore makes an important contribution to a better circular economy.

We would be delighted if you would join us! Of course, since you will be our guest, no costs will be incurred by taking part!



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